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Nancy Tuzzolino, healthcare advocate

Nancy and her dad, Anthony

Healthcare advocate, Nancy Tuzzolino

Nancy with her dad, Anthony

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Care Management Services

Founded in 2005, Tuzzolino Enterprises was created to help our clients to navigate the complex and often frustrating world of senior services and resources. Services include:

Assessments. This is the critical starting point for the Care Management process. Nancy asks a series of questions, listens carefully, then collects the information that will help to determine the needs of both your aging parent and your family. Assessments are usually done in person, ideally where the client lives, but they can also be done in the hospital or short-term rehab center.

Researching senior services and products. Following the Assessment, Nancy researches and presents resources that will best suit your aging parent's needs. As a healthcare advocate, she educates families about options that are available (e.g., in home care, home health, assisted living, etc.). There are often many possible solutions for any given situation. Nancy will provide you with information to help you make the best possible decisions for your loved one.

Developing and managing a Care Plan. Nancy will develop a written Care Plan that clearly defines the needs and which resources will best meet those specific needs. If a family member is unable to manage the Care Plan, or the older adult has no immediate family to turn to, Nancy can also implement and manage the Care Plan.

Serving as a healthcare advocate. For older adults who don't have a close family member or friend to serve as their "champion", Nancy can also serve as their healthcare advocate or liaison.

Communicating with family members. For older adults whose family members live far away, Nancy can serve as the family's eyes and ears and communicate important information about their loved one. Helping older adults stay connected to their family provides peace of mind to all involved. It can also help minimize problems that arise when older adults are left on their own without consistent support and oversight.

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